The new ZWILLING store & showroom in Bilbao opens its doors with sprawling 200-m2 space, houses a meticulously selected range of kitchenware and appliances that met the demand for premium products in the “Cooking & Preparation” segment.

ZWILLING‘s constantly evolving philosophy stands out as an example for a contemporary and sophisticated lifestyle. The brand’s mission for nearly 300 years has long sought to bring people from all over the world together through a shared passion for cooking.


In 1731

Peter Henckels introduced ZWILLING as a trademark of the Cutlery Guild in Solingen, laying the foundations for what would later become the world’s leading cutlery brand, and one of the oldest in the world today.

All of ZWILLING products are designed and developed in the most advanced technologies for their intended purpose, and are always in line with the highest quality design to ensure perfect workmanship.

The culinary world of the ZWILLING Group is not only home to great kitchenware, also to great brands from all over the world, as ZWILLING from Germany, STAUB from France, MIYABI from Japan, BALLARINI from Italy or DEMEYERE from Belgium. Each with different strengths and traditions, yet with the same passion for highest quality products.


  • Dirección Alameda de Urquijo, 6
    48008 Bilbao