Triana by c


Triana by c

Triana by C is a women’s brand that was created by two sisters Berta and Cristina Triana.

The essence of the brand is marked by the city of Bilbao. A city with a classical but cosmopolitan soul and in constant evolution.

Respect for the environment and support for the local economy are the fundamental points that give character to the brand.

Manufacture “Made in Spain” and constant search for sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton are the basis of its philosophy.

Its collections are characterized by their versatility, garments that have a long life and perfect collections to use on all types of occasions from going to an event, taking a cane or going to work and always going perfect.

Unique and special prints like the collection of handmade jewels with natural stone, two are not the same.

In addition to the Bilbao store they sell in multi-brand store. Although the entire collection can be found in it Flagship Store in Rodriguez Arias 39

  • Dirección Rodriguez Arias, 39
    48011 Bilbao