The passion, dedication, and ambition to grow passed down from generation to generation in the Suárez family have resulted in the creation of a new company in 2010: Aristocrazy.

Aristocrazy is a mindset, a way of living and feeling, a spirit. It represents authenticity, evolution, transformation, transgression, liberty. An innovative vision that, combined with its roots, makes Aristocrazy an exceptional brand, one that is current with the latest trends without losing the essence and tradition which make it unique.

Aristocrazy—a new international brand—has been characterized since its birth by the intent to create a new concept in affordable, contemporary, and trend-setting jewelry. Aristocrazy, always true to its roots, maintains the values of quality and excellence that distinguish the Suárez Group. This complicity between jewelry and trends has resulted in a new concept of High-end Jewelry.

In very little time, Aristocrazy has managed to integrate themselves in the buying circuits in the world’s principal cities. With the opening of their new Flagship Stores, Aristocrazy will reach women of all ages and styles who want to include jewelry in their day-to-day.

The establishment has a wide variety of products that are divided into three categories: Trendy—inspired by the latest trends; Basic—a collection of updated basics; and Fun—the most youthful, fresh and affordable line. All of Aristocrazy’s creations are the fruit of their detailed work that unites the hand-made tradition with innovation and a keen eye on the world’s trends in fashion and design.


  • Dirección Ercilla, 25
    48011 Bilbao