Narata is a contemporary design space started in 2010 with the idea of creating a new vision from which to consider furniture, fashion and art. Displayed in a natural style as at home, Narata offers creations from internationally recognized designers and brands that adapt according to the season and space.

Narata surprises and intrigues the client with each visit as they introduce new objects and accessories regularly.

At Narata they create interior design projects, remodels and accessorizing through the selection and distribution of furniture, home accessories and contemporary art.

Narata also offers bi-monthly exhibitions of emerging national and international artists who approach the art world with a relaxed, non-pretentious style.

And, as a novelty in 2013, they are also offering exhibitions of local artists including: Muka Design Lab, Dvilo, Miren Arenzana, and many more….

  • Dirección Particular de Indautxu, 4