Joyería Salazar


Salazar jewelry: tradition and innovation at the services of the clientele.

Jewelers and watchmakers since 1931.

With almost 90 years old, the history of Joyería Salazar begins in 1931 when José Luis Salazar, the grandfather of the current owner, opens and establishment in Juan de Garay 17 at the age of 21.

He sold the jewels that he himself designed and manufactured as Master Jeweler and Clockmaker, and later also began to market pieces of international prestige, becoming considered a benchmark in the jewellery sector in Bizkaia at the time of maximum industrial splendor.

José Luis’ passion for his profession is transmitted from childhood to his son, who becomes one of the first gemologist specialists in diamond and precious stone, who takes charge of the business and makes Joyería Salazar one of the points of sale of the province with the largest representation of internationally recognized watch and jewelry firms.

In 1988, the third generation joined the current owner, who with only 17 years old, and after his father died at 50, took over business.
His training, as José Luis rightly says, “started at 2 years old sitting with his grandfather at a table in the workshop watching him work” and doing his first steps.

Despite all the responsibility of running a business, he expands his training in Gemology and Jewelry and specializes in diamonds and colored stones (ruby, sapphire and emerald).



Specialization and exclusicity

Joyería Salazar has been able to adapt to new trends and has opted for specialization in diamonds, Australian pearls and Swiss watches, personally selecting the pieces and jewelry, always accompanied by their quality certificates.

Being “in live” with his profession and attending the Basel (Switzerland) and Hong Kong Fairs annually, among others, makes him highly knowledgeable about the market and incorporates the latest trends. He has managed to sign exclusivity agreements in the distribution of some international brands.


Custom jewelry

José Luis continues with the business line started in 1931: personalized design and manufacturing in his workshop.
The process begins by putting itself in the head of the clientele, here the interaction and knowledge of it plays a very important role, and in this he is an expert.

Subsequently, he made several sketches “ by hand”, which he modified with the new suggestions, and with the final sketch he went on to the phase of integral creation of the piece in his own workshop


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