Chance has arrived in Bilbao with the intention of being your Cashmere shop. Cashmere is one of the most precious natural fibers in the world, known for its softness, lightness, and for being an excellent thermal insulator.

At Chance you will find men’s and women’s sweaters, jackets, stylish asymmetric clothing, ponchos, capes, pashminas, scarves, gloves, throws for the sofa or for baby, and marvelous one-size clothing!

In addition, they are Bilbao’s only distributors of Natalia Machinena’s handbags: bags and totes made by artisans from Southern Spain, whose care and attention to detail create elegant, timeless, quality pieces.

Chance will be the shop that helps you put together a marvelous foundation for your wardrobe, with timeless clothing for all time.

  • Dirección Máximo Aguirre, 23
    48011 Bilbao