ämmä store


ämmä store

In May of 83 my mother bought me a light yellow tracksuit. I liked the softness of the fabric and the color made me smile. It was my favorite garment, a little rest from the gray uniform on Saturdays.

One day a boy approached me and asked me why I was wearing pajamas. That boy had my tracksuit under the pillow.

I continued using my beautiful and soft tracksuit despite the laughter of a few and began to be interested in the reasons that make us decide the clothes that accompany us.

After many fashion editorials accumulated in the storage room, a walk through the Faculty of Fine Arts and the occasional trip I started an adventure in a small place in the old town of Bilbao.

It was a multi-brand store where we offered a selection of great signatures and some more madness (we sold to toasters, some very cool…).

16 years later, I still offer great signatures and some madness. And I hope every season with a terrible illusion that you enter our store and take something to accompany you during important moments of your life, and I don´t mean big-wedding-important-type, etc.

Because important is the day when your child drops the first tooth, or the day you discover something that makes you happy.

And in ämmä we like that…



  • Persona Marta
  • Dirección Plaza Santiago s/n
    48005 Bilbao.