Famaliving Bilbao


Famaliving Bilbao

Famaliving in Bilbao´s Plaza Sagrado Corazón, is designed to help you visualise sofas in your home, showing you that small spaces can offer a great opportunity to create a multipurpose space that can be used for a variety of styles and finishes, transform your living in style, with a range of material and colours to choose from.

Stretch out in style!

Famaliving dedicated to design and develop innovative, fashionable and durable designs combined with comfort. luxurious L-shaped or corner sofas, from the widest variety of styles, like chaise ends, recliners, and armchairs, perfect for entertaining friends or relaxing with family!

Famaliving Bilbao´s well-experienced dedicated team provides sofa advice and interiors inspiration for your home, from footstools to rugs, auxiliary tables, and outdoor furniture.


  • Dirección Plaza Sagrado Corazón, 1
    48009 Bilbao