MATIA Jewelry


Bilbao and her people evolve. Here, one breathes an air of pride that is the result of this eagerness to become something greater. Loyal to this spirit of growth, MATIA is a jewelry store defined by continuing innovation and founded on linking tradition with modernity.

In actuality, there are two shops, one on Ribera Street where, in addition to selling and creating jewelry, we offer full service to our clients. On Ercilla Street you will find the Matia Diamond Line, a space exclusively dedicated to diamond jewelry. This space stands out: it was designed and strategically situated to broadcast, through our jewelry, our passion and unlimited imagination.

The MATIA “profile”:

MATIA designs aesthetically bold, modern jewelry for people with a particular sensibility toward beauty and harmony within form. Age or condition do not factor into consideration. And, in creating new designs, we always offer several versions to meet any budget.

Our collections are literally a “design explosion.” They contrast colors, forms, and textures. We create suggestive combinations of different diamonds with gold, all of them perfectly combining tradition with the latest style.

The challenge is to continue following the path forged for more than 60 years and to continue surprising our clients. Without a doubt, MATIA is an obligatory stop.

  • Dirección Ribera 19, 1º
    48005 Bilbao
    Tel. 94 416 46 40

    Matia Línea Diamante
    Ercilla, 37
    48011 Bilbao
    Tel. 94 410 55 61