ENEKO Bilbao


ENEKO Bilbao

Chef Eneko Atxa, award winner of four Michelin stars, presents ENEKO Bilbao, his new restaurant at the Euskalduna Palace

The menu offerings speak of his homeland, culture and traditions, of Basque ingredients and of his work.

ENEKO Bilbao is based upon traditional Bisayne cuisine and ancient recipes presented in an elegant and direct way, with all of the intensity of the Eneko kitchen.

It is a personal project which brings culture, locale and excellence are joined through cooking. The Chef and his team want to present the essence of the Biscayne kitchen in an elegant and innovative way, placing it in the mix of an international environment.

The project’s identity is based on Eneko’s desire to recuperate and revitalize those dishes that are part of its own culinary memory; recipes lived and inherited since childhood, but created with a sensitive and elegant perspective of the very best quality.

Through this new restaurant, ENEKO Bilbao, located on the third floor of the Euskalduna Palace, the Chef and his team want to recuperate and revitalize the essence of Biscayne cooking and give it new life.

The Euskalduna Palace is also the perfect platform to present and expand this cuisine to the international level.



The cuisine is focused on the premise of home, culture and tradition, of the Basque producers and farmers and their work. A premise that is the base of Eneko’s cuisine: flavor and technique.

With a structure that combines a classic menu and two tasting menus, the diner will enjoy recipes that are part of the traditional Biscayne repertoire like kokotxas (hake’s jaw) al pil-pil, sukaldi (stew), intxaursaltsa (custard). . . all presented in an elegant and new fashion. The menu is also alive and dynamic, where seasonal products and the variety of the Biscayne pantry are the biggest actors.


The Space

A warm and inviting environment with magnificent view of downtown Bilbao, where the kitchen is integrated into the dining room and is the heart of the space.

For a perfect experience, Eneko has partnered with Patricia Urquiola, an interior designer whose work is respected internationally. The space combines tradition and modernity and reveals the Basque identity inspired by culinary societies, the fishing vessels, the village homes and their kitchens, all to create a unique space.

All of these ingredients make ENEKO Bilbao a restaurant that presents Bilbao today: a cosmopolitan space where Bilbainos enjoy their cuisine and anyone who visits Bilbao will discover it and will always remember it.

  • Dirección Euskalduna Palace
    Avenida Abandoibarra 4.
    48011 Bilbao.