Gin Fizz


Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is an authentic cocktail bar in Bilbao. Nice, cozy, with comfortable sofas and different spaces where you can chill and grab a good drink. In Gin Fizz Cocktail Bar they give priority to the quality of the product and the personalised attention to all clients.

Gintonics, drinks, cocktails, fizzes (Gin Fizz, Fizz Bilbao, Morning Glory Fizz, Lucky Cherry Fizz, …), collins (Tom Collins, Ron Collins, Whisky Collins, Luckies Collins,…), sours (Pisco Sour, Coca Sour, New York Sour, Margarita, Daiquirí,…), eggnog, apetites (Negroni, Boulevardier, Americano, Kingston, Manhattan, Vermut Preparado,…).

There is a wide offer of classic and author cocktails. In all of them, it is crucial the “touch” of the house. There are also mixtures of the best natural teas, handmade. It is a paradise for all senses and they have achieved various prizes throughout their career:

The 3rd y 4th edition of Origins by Schweppes (2012 y 2013) in Euskadi, in the area of Author Gin&Tonic and Gin & Tonic. With their “London Street Flavour” and “Lucky Cherry”.

La 3rd edition of the Gin&Tonic route of Bilbao Centro (2014) with their “Lucky Peach”.

La 1st Ruta del Vermut Preparado de Bilbao Centro by Cinzano (2015).

In Gin Fizz you will find unique flavours, which they make with their destilled brews. You can also choose from their wines and artisan beers, as well as snacks.

You will find all of this in the center of Bilbao, minutes away from the Guggenheim Museum, in Lersundi 1.

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  • Dirección Lersundi 1
    48009 Bilbao