El Cargadero de Bilbao


El Cargadero de Bilbao is the first terrace above the river of Bilbao

Snacks, cocktails, mixed drinks… In El Cargadero de Bilbao you can enjoy the best ambience with your friends.

In cities like Ámsterdam, it is very normal that a great number of rooftops lean out to the canals. In Bilbao, after ignoring the importance of the river which has helped our industrial past, the river has now turned into the favourite place for locals and tourists.

The 150 square meter terrace, which has a capacity for 70 persons. Rises over nine pillars which hold the beams of a wooden surface. It is surrounded by some panels with images of the cargadero. The pub has its own bar, a lot of high and low tables, very big sunshades and lamp heaters for the most chilly days.




  • Dirección calle Dique 1
    48013 Bilbao