Nice Things


Paloma Santaolalla, from San Sebastián, and Miguel Lanna met each other at a fashion trade fair in Barcelona and their paths have been intertwined ever since. Together, they created the clothing brand Globe which had tremendous success in the 80’s. After selling Globe, they started Nice Things in 1995: a family business which has grown bit by bit.

And that’s how it has gone over the years, Nice Things has grown organically year by year with its own, very personal vision of fashion.

Paloma Santaolalla, the founder of Nice Things, together with her daughter, Paloma Lanna, are the soul and spirit of the brand and are charged with the development of the brand’s ideas and collections. Their personal fashion sense and point of view gives Nice Things a very defined personality and a firm path to follow.

Women’s clothing for all ages that express a special feeling, with attention in the details, and that draw you in with their unique prints and colors that separate Nice Things from the other brands.

These are clothes with soul, very distinct from the impermanent trends in the fashion world that maintain a genuine vision of delicate and feminine style.

With more than 25 years of experience in the textile sector, Nice Things markets their products worldwide through six distribution channels: home stores in Spain and France, single-brand franchises in Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra; multi-brand stores all over the world; large department stores in the main European cities; and an on-line store that is open world-wide and for multi-brand clients on-line.

The company is firmly commited to respecting human rights and the environment, and the business is committed to upholding these values through their suppliers and distributors. The company promotes ethical and responsible performance and guarantees for their clients products made in an environment that supports a more just, caring and respectful society with respect to human rights, and one that respects the environment and current law.

  • Dirección Maestro García Rivero, 1
    48011 Bilbao