Something Special


If you are looking for something special, come to the city’s bohemian district, Bilbao La Vieja, and you will find this store. A unique place in Bilbao where you can find authentic wool rugs, kilim rugs, and Berber cushions.

These handmade rugs, carpets, and cushions—woven and sewn by Berber women in Atlas, a mountainous region of Morocco—come straight from Morocco to Bilbao.

An authentic Berber rug represents a tradition that is passed down generation to generation throughout Northern Africa. Berber rugs or mats are valued for their beauty and their craftsmanship. Their value goes back centuries, back to the times when these rugs were one of the few luxurious pieces the semi-nomadic Berber tribes had while traveling through the Saharan desert, and they continue to maintain their value in interior home design today. These rugs embody the spirit, the history, and the magic of the Berber people.

Because handmade rugs and cushions are one-of-a-kind pieces, you will never find two that are exactly alike! At Something Special you will find a wide variety of fabrics, designs and colors, but if you are looking for a particular combination of tones or a specific size, they will be happy to locate exactly what you need during their regular visits to Morocco.


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