Bamboo Yoga


Bamboo Yoga

Bamboo Yoga. A Yoga studio that is inspired by nature, to create a space of well-being and recollection.

A perfect place to discover and deepen the practice of yoga with classes, workshops and training in different styles.

You can enjoy Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha… as well as Meditation and Pranayamas.

Classes taught by the best yogis and yoginis… A pleasure for the senses! In Bamboo Yoga work the inner strength from the root. They seek the flexibility of the soul and body. We grow from the individual and we will become great in community.

Each person can trace their path, decide their practice. You decide, what do you feel like, where are you… Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

Discover this new space for yoga practice in the center of Bilbao. Where you will have the opportunity to connect body, mind and soul through breathing, movement and feeling.

Bamboo Yoga is a yoga studio that is part of the UP Bilbao Club. In this way, all Club members a make free use of it together with the rest of the services and facilities of the Club. Additionally, Bamboo Yoga works as an independent studio and is accessible to all those who only have interest in yoga.


  • Dirección Manuel Allende, 18
    48010 Bilbao