I was born in Bilbao on August 30, 1972. I was hired by EITB in the summer of 1999, after I got my journalism degree from the University of Navarra, and ever since then I have been the weather presenter on Eguraldia for ETB-2. Being the weather person has allowed me to combine my main work in our group with the collaboration of other programs on our channel. And so I have presented many features related to natural phenomenons such as “Blue Planet,” “Coexisting with Risk” or specials such as “20 Years After the Floods,” and “Catastrophe of the Prestige.”   Also, I have ventured with the program about Publicity “20 Seconds” and I have twice lead “Surf in Euskadi.” Furthermore, for three seasons I have been the face of information for Canal Vasco’s “News for America.” Actually, I immerse myself everydoy in the meteorological forecast, pushing myself every day to create a warm space that offers useful information for our viers.

Ana, what would you say to someone who doesn’t know Bilbao to convince them to come visit?

Bilbao is…40 kilometers squared of emotion!!

What do you miss when you are away from Bilbao?

The people, I like to sit on a bench in the middle of the Gran Via and watch all the people walk by, all ages and diverse profiles. There is something really special about them, like a common denominator that marks all of us, and that you don’t find in other places in the world…our own peculiar style, I guess?

What would a perfect day in Bilbao look like for you?

To be perfect it would have to have a strong northeast wind, that’s the only way to really breathe the salt air in Bilbao’s cobblestones.

To start the day with a lot of energy, I would have breakfast at Don Crêpe, walk through the center of town looking at the buildings and storefronts, and I would take advantage of going by Lemon and the new store Edonora, wonderful!

I would have lunch by the Alhóndiga in the Egyptian Café Capuccino, and passing by I would go into Fuck Skate Shop and visit my friends at the Belaza Gallery. For the afternoon I would through the Casco Viejo and visit First, Eleven, and Serie B, and I would finish the day crossing the city to arrive just in time to watch a show at PABELLÓN 6.

And a perfect night?

I would have a vegetarian hamburger with good company at El Muga and dance without stopping at the Umore ona and at the Guretxoko, great music, the kind that goes into your soul.

Is there some little unknown corner of Bilbao that you would recommend?

Taking a dip in the estuary is one of the most gratifying experiences for a person born in this city. Traveling the estuary on a paddle board, after visiting the Maritime Museum of Bilbao’s exposition 100 years of surf.