YIMBY Street


Yimby Street

Yimby is an exclusive space right in the center of Bilbao where every type of project, event, or initiative becomes reality.  More than 1.200 square meters for your imagination, for the encounter… And now they offer the space at Yimby Street right on the street!!

Yimby offers space right on the street with more Yimby Street! Four spectacular spaces, two on Moyua and the other two on Rampas de Uribitarte, available for your pop-ups, showrooms, or whatever you want to show the world.

Take advantage of all of the accommodations that Yimby offers in the city’s most commercial zones. Do you need a space to create or show off a project? Right on the street and available to accommodate any kind of initiative: showrooms, product presentations, workshops, exhibits, product sales for clothing, accessories, home décor, design, cosmetics…etc. etc.

And what’s more, you can count on all the services that Yimby offers: catering, audiovisual equipment, DJ, social media, attendants, and furniture rental…

These spaces are available for rent from 1 day to 6 months.

For more information call 946 941 141 or send an email to yimby@yimbybilbao.com


  • Dirección Yimby Street Uribitarte

    Yimby Street Uribitarte II

    Yimby Street Iparraguirre

    Yimby Street Achúcarro