Sala Rekalde


Sala Rekalde

Sala Rekalde is a space dedicated to the knowledge, reception and spreading of different contemporary artistic practices.

Since its creation in 1991, its path has been linked to the investigation of the contemporary production of inside and outside of our borders. Thanks to the proposals of this space, you can easily see where the art is now.

Sala Rekalde is thought as a place in which you can put in common different aspects which give meaning to the artistic production. To its different forms of presentation and its capacity to carry out a conversation with all kinds of public.

It is divided in two spaces. Rekalde wants to work at various speeds, going through different aspects of the work process, from the exhibition, to punctual projects, debate sessions, video, conferences and publications. Sala Rekalde wants to be a space where anyone can take part in open debates about different culture languages. Definitely, a learning platform which englobes contemporary art.


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  • Dirección Alameda Recalde, 30
    48009 Bilbao