Bilbao Museum of Reproductions


Bilbao Museum of Reproductions

Antiquity within reach

Join us on a stroll through some of Europe’s greatest collections without leaving bilbao, no queuing necessary.

Bilbao Museum of Reproductions – Bilboko Berreginen Museoa was created in 1927, as one of the oldest museums in Bilbao, to assemble classic pieces of art for public enjoyment, reproduced from museums like the Louvre, the Vatican Museums, the Berlin Museum, and the British Museum, among others.


Exhibitions and events

Bilboko Berreginen Museoa customarily runs learning environments and activities for pupils to understand the historical value of objects, allow them to come across the evolution of human history and cultural heritage, as well as the most profane. Together with guided tours to experience the history and legacy of the great works up close!

Also offers a considerable learning potential to practice a variety of activities such as drawing and painting, to give students the ability to engage actively, and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life. Additionally, organizing concerts, fashion shows, markets, …et cetera.


Entry fees

General: €3

Reduced: €1.50

Free Entry: €0 Pensioners, children under 12, teachers, people with disabilities.

Museum Day: €0 Every Thursday.


  • Dirección c/ San Francisco, 14
    48003 Bilbao