Kareaga Clinic


Kareaga Clinic

After nearly 20 years of dedication as a dental professional, Dr. Laura Careaga has decided to run her own practice in starting Kareaga Clinic.

Kareaga Clinic is her ambitious project paving a quicker path to improvement and a truthful sense of pride in remaining faithful to her clinic’s needs.

Self-making an atmosphere for her patients demanding a desired level of quality by wearing many hats as a better practitioner, and a private practice owner carving her own path in the dentistry field.

At Kareaga Clinic we believe in providing welcoming invironment as very important increasing patient retention, built through the years.

Using the latest advances in technology, foremost techniques to provide superior patient outcomes.

Your smile deserves a personalized treatment plan to ensure that you’re receiving the best care accessible for your specific needs, to guarantee the maximum benefit from your dental coverage.

The highly trained team of professionals in Kareaga Clinic are dedicated to serving the oral health care demands to meet your expectations in both health and dental aesthetics.


  • Dirección Bilbao
    Plaza San Pedro, 3
    48014 Bilbao

    Zubiaurre, 21
    48260 Ermua
    Tfno: 943 577 915