Inedito Bilbao



Inedito Bilbao bursts into the heart of Gran Via with the idea of creating experiences framed by the views of the city. Its great luminosity turns it into a blank sheet where to make the imagination fly in the realization of avant-garde projects.

A modern and versatile space born with the illusion of becoming the meeting point of the great events that take place in the city.

Its 150m diaphanous and its neutral aesthetics allow Inédito to give you all the facilities for the realization of a customized event, transforming itself according to the requirements of each project.

What do you need?

We know that it is not easy to decide how and when to carry out your idea, that is why in Inedito Bilbao we help you design your project, whatever it is:

-Private, corporate or creative events

-Showroom, Pop-Up Store, Exhibitions, Tastings

-Shootings, advertising Spots, Filming

And if you need it, we also offer you Dj service, video, furniture rental, … Everything you need so that your guests do not lose any detail!

If you want to start your idea with us, we will gladly assist you through our email, phone or whatsapp:


phone: 623 19 03 36


  • Dirección Gran Vía 53