Bilbaina Jazz Club Kultur Elkartea


In 1991 a group of jazz aficionados created the BJC-Bilbaina Jazz Club Association. Throughout the years, the BJC’s work has been internationally recognized for presenting a top-notch weekly program that goes beyond the commercial cycles and the media’s suggested festival stras.

The fan who ventures beyond the mainstream requires a program that offers the reality of contemporary jazz through the international circuit that traverses the principal European capitals.

Without BJC it would be impossible to hear such musical talent in Bilbao as Mark Turner, Joe Magnarelli, Terrell Stratford, Jesse Davis, George Garzone, Perico Sambeat, Grant Stewart, Eric Alexander, Jeff Berlin, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Albert Sanz, Peter Bernstein, Jeff Ballard, Larry Granadier, Dave Kikoski, David Berkma, Jonathan Kriesberg, Javier Vercher, Bill McHenry, Jorge Rossy, Scott Hamilton, Ken Peplowsky, etc. etc.


BJC’s schedule offers two regular cycles:

XXII Auditory Cycle

Regular weekly (Thursday)

Location: Sala La Bodega (Jose Maria Olabarri street – Back of Sociedad Bilbaina’s building)

Time: 22:00 (10:00 p.m.)

Price: 12 euro (certain concerts excluded)


Month to Month cycle

Monthly program

Location: Sala BBK (Gran Via, 19)

Time: 20:00 (8:00 p.m.)

Price: 15 euro (-20% discount for txartela Kutxabank)

  • Dirección Navarra, 1