The White Night is here!

This saturday 17th of June, the city will get dressed for their birthday party!

A varied agenda of activities will offer the opportunity of enjoying a magical night, from 20:30 to 2:30 in the morning.

Lighting in buildings, dinamic images, gardens filled with lights or three dimensional lighting, are just some of the surprises that are ready to celebrate Bilbao’s birthday.

The river of Bilbao will join the event with an espectacular show of lighting, colour and sound in the ZubiZuri bridge. The Arenal will get ready with a lighting maze and the Abandoibarra walk will settle floral instalations.

The Euskadi Square will transform in a forest full of lighting trees and animated lights that will change of colour, and inside the Iberdrola Tower you will find classic music.

The City Council Bridgewill have a very special race this sunday: The Estropatada. Let the best duck win!

You can check here all the activities