Arriaga Theatre


Arriaga Theater

The Arriaga antzokia in basque or Teatro Arriaga in Spanish is an opera house in Bilbao. It was built in Neo-baroque style by architect Joaquín Rucoba in 1890, the same architect that built the city hall. It is named after Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, known in his time as the “Spanish Mozart”.

The theater was rebuilt in 1985 after severe flooding destroyed it in August 1983.

The Arriaga Theatre is one of the landmarks of Bilbao. Standing at the entrance of the Old Town, it is the cultural icon of the city. Built in 1890, it has been designated as a historical monument. Its neo-baroque design can be seen by anyone passing by. However, its interior can only be appreciated by theatre-goers or by visitors in guided tours. The tour is very interesting, as it befits a 125-year-old theatre filled with amazing stories.



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  • Dirección Arriaga Plaza, 1 · 48005 Bilbao