OAR cottage


OAR cottage

Your Perfect Hideaway in the Basque country

The 16th century basque country house EL CASERÍO. in Garai, the heart of Bizkaia, lovingly and painstakingly restored and converted into a beautiful 8 rooms rural hideaways by the wonderful hosts and owners, Carmen and Manu, features a blend of local, vintage and contemporary, celebrating the interaction of rustic simplicity and imperfection.

OAR cottage is the quintessential provencal hideaway that oozes charm and encourages one to slow down and appreciate the peaceful surroundings.

Carmen and Manu have created the perfect retreat within the countryside in OAR, to laze away after a day of exploring the village of Garai, and its breathtaking and picturesque woodlands of the Basque Country.


  • Persona Carmen and Manu
  • Dirección San Miguel, 6,
    48200 Garai,