MEMORIAL Since you arrive till you leave…

Enjoy the taste! Feel the scents! Get wrapped in the sounds! We open the doors of the Memorial. In the heart of the city, an avant-garde place for every occasion.

It’s impossible not to have an intense espresso served by award winning baristas in their wide bar where you can also find incredible cocktails prepared with love by their bartenders. The bar is a festival of flavours thanks to the Chef’s selection of pintxos and their wide variety of omelettes. From the classic tuna to the tasty wild boar head with idiazábal and rocket pintxo. They’re famous for their variety of omelettes, perfect for breakfast or as a midday treat with a glass of wine or beer.

In the cozy tables you can find the Dish of The Day, homemade plates and cazuelitas (small casseroles). An honest and fun offer where you’ll find top quality products and reasonable prices along with their suggestions designed for everyone!

Night Out… La Noche oohh La Noche… a prolongation of the day…

We can’t forget about the great treasure of Memorial; it’s weekend nights out. The perfect place for having a blast in a good atmosphere with the best sound thanks to their own dj.

The Memorial is one of the hot spots of Bilbao’s nights. The best atmosphere where you can dance to the latest hits until dawn, drink cocktails prepared with love by professionals, surrounded by a selected public who looks for fun and entertainment.

Let your self get involved in the incredible sound, loosen up, dance, enjoy, let go of the passion inside you and live every night as if it was the last one…

  • Dirección Ibañez de Bilbao 9
    48001 Bilbao