(2017 Interview)

IGOR YEBRA First International Dancer, choreographer and master

Born in Bilbao, Igor Yebrais one of the worlds most recognised dancers.

Igor Yebra was taught in the school of Víctor Ullate, in Madrid. He started working as a professional with Victor Ullate and later on moved himself alone to the Australian Ballet, the first international company of the five continents with which he has worked with during his career.

In 2006, and conscious about the importance of dancing, he founded his own school in Bilbao. Nowadays, he coordinates his agenda and works both as choreographer and dancer, as well as continues his international career in a freelance way.

Igor Yebra will perform ‘El Cascanueces’ 30th of June in the Campos Elíseos Theatre in Bilbao, with 40 dancers who come from his own Dance School. You can buy the tickets at the Campos Theatre, in their website and in Kutxabank. Prices start at 23,30 euros and go up to 28,90 euros.

We have been with Igor and he has talked with us about his projects and his favourite places in Bilbao.


Igor, thank you for your time, we are looking forward to see El Cascanueces in the Teatro Campos. What are we going to find?

A high quality show, produced by the Arriaga Theatre and with amazing professionals like the lighting technician Juan Gómez-Cornejo, who has won the Premio Max; or Daniel Bianco, director of de Zarzuela Theatre and author of the setting stage. The choreography has been done by Ángela Santos and myself. In the show, I will dance with another 40 young dancers from my school: some of them are still training and some have started their profesional career.


In the Museo Liceo Egipcio de León they have dedicated an exhibition to your person. You have also given some lectures and classes to the people who assisted. Do you think this is important to spread the importance of dance?

All the iniciatives and projects are interesting and important, moreover when there is people interested in supporting and helping dance, whether or not these are conventional. We can not permit not to talk to any public microphone we find in our way.


Are you involved in any other project that you can talk us about?

There is a very big project which is going to take place in Bilbao before the year finishes, in which they want to mix music, dance and choirs…. but we can’t talk publicly about it until it is closed.


Now we would like to ask you some questions about Bilbao…

Igor, what would you say to someone who hasn’t been to Bilbao before to motivate them to come visit?

Bilbao has changed and turned into a beautiful city, which wasn’t the case 30 years ago… with an incredible architecture mix between classic and contemporary style, an amazing cultural offer that is growing more everyday and, of course, the landscapes and gastronomy, an experience that without doubt has to be tried.


What do you miss the most when you are away from Bilbao?

Everything in general.


What would a perfect day in Bilbao look like for you?

Normally, I am always from one place to another, working, in meetings and interviews like this one (laughs). How would I like to spend it? Chilling, having a drink with my friends, going to the beach and enjoying the city.


And a perfect night?

Although I am very Basque… I think the perfect night doesn’t depend on the city… it depends on the person you are with. That is something private of course (laughs).


Okay… je je je. Changing subject… Where would you have dinner and grab a beer?

I always go to the same place since I was a kid: the Alameda Bar, with my friends Paco and María. Although, wherever you stop is a good option because in Bilbao it’s tricky to get confused.


We also love the famous “Felipadas”! Is there any unknown special place in Bilbao you would like to recommend?

There are more than one little cute place in Bilbao, but the best is to discover it by walking in the city. A place that all Basque should discover is the Fine Arts Museum, between others. I love the Guggenheim Museum, but Bilbao existed before we had it and will always exist no matter famous people or buildings.



Principal Portait of Hibai Agorria

In this page Igor Yebra doing a grand jete. Author: Isabel Muñoz, National Photography Price 2016.