“We love wharfs and taverns, delicious and traditional food, but with avant-garde techniques and touches. At TXOCOOK we also like risk and worry, but above all, to eat well and with good friends. We are located on Pío Baroja, with a very proud view of the Estuary and her delicious past.” Aitor Elizegi

Following the motto “Every fellow can do what he wants, so long as he doesn’t annoy anyone else,” the Kurding-Club was born in 1894—the name of a battle fought by a circle of young jokesters from the most distinguished society in Bilbao—who made fun of their society’s vicious practices and promoting the fine arts. This spirit lives on, behind a closed door, with little light and full of life, deep inside Txocook. Do you have the key?

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  • Dirección Uribitarte Kalea 1, 48001 Bilbao