Txarloska is the first 100% vegetable patisserie in Bilbao with handmade production.

The Txarloska pastry shop, with a three-year history, opened a gap in the pastry market of Bilbao thanks to its creative cakes, with original flavors, delicate and according to its loyal customers with less sugar.

The Pastry Txarloska has a wide variety of products among which you can find their already famous carrot cake and also their other classics from the store.

Classics that enjoy a lot of success, for example the Capuchino Cake, the Banana and Peanut Cake, the classic Sacher Cake and how can not you? Tarta Txarloska, from which comes the name of the store, a traditional Polish cake made of apple, wheat semolina and cinnamon.

Their originality does not stop here, they have also created a line of products based on dates and nuts, eliminating sugar and flour. They have to choose two types of raw bars, Blondi – a “sponge cake” made with chickpeas and oatmeal, and other Coco-style delights dipped in chocolate.

And we could not skip their spectacular “cheese” cakes usually called Cheesescakes. Of different flavors and starting from the base of millet or cashew nuts.

Of course in its assortment offers some classics such as chocolate brownie and nuts, super addictive chocolate cookies. And others of oatmeal and coconut with wholemeal flour.

Visit Txarloska and discover another world of pastry. You can take loose pieces, “build” your own cake of the rations that you want or order whole pies for the occasions that arise.

Take one of your cakes to your party with friends and you will have the success assured by surprising them with the original flavors of Txarloska.

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  • Dirección Iturribide, 28 Bajo
    48006 Bilbao