Turronería Adelia Iváñez


Historia Viva de 5 generaciones

A fifth-generation turronería in Bilbao

Adelia Ivañez, “the Turron-Maker of the Little Vestibule,” is Eladio Ivanez Coloma’s oldest granddaughter, and successor of Correo 12, “Bilbao’s Turron.”

This is the only fifth-generation turronería in Bilbao, three centuries of living family history since 1855, all within their emblematic location, Correo 12, the sweetest vestibule in Bilbao. Now, the shop is run by the family’s fourth and fifth generations: Adelia and Ivan, the founder’s great-granddaughter and great-great grandson.

Correo 12, an emblematic location

Through the years, Turroneria Ivañez has always been located at Correo 12, including 1983 to 2003, a time of special circumstances when they were located in the first floor “apartment” of the same building and clients would come and go between the first floor and the turroneria by way of the staircase. During that time, Bilbainos responded to the business in an exceptional way, and have always remained loyal to the business with their annual visit for their Christmas sweets.

Today, the business has returned to the street level, in the same building and address, Correo 12, keeping the first floor “apartment” as a symbol of their history.

The best turrones and ice cream in Bilbao, All Year Long

Adelia and Ivan offer their unrivaled turrones and sweets all year long and on-line. All of their products are prepared with the very best, carefully selected ingredients. Their inimitable polvorones (light, crumbly shortbread) come in almond, sugared almonds, pine nuts, honey, jellies, liquers, chocolate flavors; and of course, their ice cream is the best, along with their tiger nut milk (horchata), slushes, shakes, popsicles, etc. all of them 100% natural.

Adelia’s Worlds

At Adelia Ivañez, Correo 12, you will find and taste a world of flavors without end: the world of turron, of turron ice cream, all of the other irresistible ice creams, their exceptional sorbets and slushes….the infinite world of chocolate, provoking bonbons, liquers, turron liquer, marcona almonds, turron cream…the worlds of flavors go on and on.

  • Dirección Correo, 12 (Casco Viejo)
    48005 Bilbao