The Brown Bread Bag



The Brown Bread Bag is the Hotel Hotel Miró‘s breakfas, which will sweeten your mornings.

It is a breakfast that offers recipes with local and seasonal products. It is a new way of tasting breakfast without having to stand up from the table, enjoying the experience and sharing the moment.

The goal of this breakfast is to place value in the seasonal products working with local producers and artisans that take the best care of their product. The quality of the product is the most important thing to get to know the gastronomy of the Basque Country. Sometimes, this search of the excellence takes them to explore other borders.

There are little pleasures in life more exciting than having breakfast in a hotel, an occasion in which not only does the gastronomy quality matter, but also the combination of the presentation, the atmosphere and the service. These are the main points for an experience for the most demanding clients.

Poco placeres hay como desayunar en un hotel, un acontecimiento en el que no solo priman las cualidades gastronómicas, sino también la combinación de presentación, atmósfera y servicio, claves para una experiencia perfecta a la altura de los paladares más exigentes.

From the 6th of april until the 31st of october 2018, The Brown Bread Bag of Hotel Miró will surprise you with their ALL DAY BREAKFAST every weekend.

This is the perfect plan for those who wake up early and wish to celebrate their saturday or sunday mornings, extending their amazing breakfast until 14 pm.

You have to book in this email:

“All Day Breakfast” Weekend timetable from 8.00h to 14.00h

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