On the Euskadi Plaza, next to the Iberdrola Tower, SanwiCoffee satisfies the growing demand for healthy products, made with quality ingredients and innovative ideas, for a public that is always seeking the newest and latest trends.

A sandwich bar in the most purest New York style, bringing the most innovative ideas in cooking to a beloved and international format: the Sandwich.

Their space is as trend setting as their space. SanwiCoffee is a “stopover,” or a step, a place to take a rest from the busy rhythm of the city. An alternative novelty in a city that is more and more cosmopolitan everyday.

The menu is dynamic, designed to provide culinary choices for every moment of the day, it is organized in two sections: Salty and Sweet.


The Special Sandwich selection.  International and healthy with the Mediterranean diet.  Different types of bread, with high fiber content, designed and baked in their own oven for detailed control over the quality of their principal product: traditional, rustic, multi-cereal, French, focaccia, etc. A combination of select, fresh ingredients from the best suppliers for all of their creations.

In this same section are the salads: different, each created with a principal ingredient that is unique to that salad, and great quality. Other specialties for the cosmopolitan life are integrated in an innovative dish that doesn’t forget our gastronomic roots.

The menu’s dynamic also comes from a page of suggestions where they offer menus of the day with fresh, seasonal products, that change according to the market.  And, of course, these original dishes can be paired with a selection of wines from the various Spanish regions and bordering countries.


The other great specialy at SanwiCoffee is the 100% Arabica coffee.  They offer various creations: from cold and refreshing “frappes” to the hot coffees for those intimate moments with friends.  An exclusive mix of chocolates, wide selection of teas, ice creams, goat milk yogurt , and the pastries from their own oven are known for their quality.

They also have a SandwichBar space. Miniature specialties from their Special Sandwich range, transform the menu according to the chef’s creativity and the market trends.


  • Dirección Plaza de Euskadi (Ramón Rubial, nº4) 48009 Bilbao