San Mames Stadium Restaurant


San Mames Stadium Restaurant

fusion of flavors in a unique enclave

San Mames Jatexea, a restaurant that focuses on Basque cuisine with a unique sentiment and location as it is in the stadium for which it is named: San Mames.

The Cuisine Director, Antonio Casares, has deep experience with cooking and wine. And, together with his team, they work every day to create and show the restaurant’s essence and philosophy.

The kitchen and atmosphere are elegant, elaborate, and thoughtful so as to surprise the diner. With their own culinary identity, the restaurant is located at the 14th door in the stadium itself.

Cuisine, love, and culinary vision.

San Mames Jatexea gives a voice to the Slow Food movement and represents the small producers and products who create and cultivate from tradition. Innovating with them every day and improving with each menu.

They offer various tasting menus, fit for each occasion. From a menu created for members of the Athletic Club to a tasting menu with 12 stages. In each you can taste from sophisticated entrees to traditional plates reinvented such as our fried toast 3.0 all the way to fish fresh from the Gulf of Biscay.

Emblematic space for the city of Bilbao, with more than 100 years of football behind them.

San Mames Jatexea has, through one entrance, a Whiskey bar, warm and inviting where you can taste any type of drink before moving into the big dining room. On one side you find windows overlooking the Inlet of Bilbao, and on the other, tables facing San Mames’s green field. The décor is intimate, clean and elegant and provides guests with a unique and memorable experience.

  • Dirección San Mames Stadium, 14 Door
    Rafael Moreno Pichichi street (no number)
    48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia