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RS Bilbao

Healthy Performance

Can you imagine a sports performance center where they offer you a comprehensive preparation service with the possibility of a personal trainer, physical therapy, osteopathy, nutrition, psychology and sports medicine?

A place where you can achieve your best version in the hands of professionals specialized in each area that affects your body and mind?

A space where you can improve your quality of life both inside and out?

The RS Bilbao team offers an inter-multidisciplinary service aimed at the athlete and non-athlete but active, passionate about healthy living, who has set his goals and wants to improve his performance in a safe, targeted and objective way.

It is a multi-service where the athlete or interested person consults with different professionals in the medical-sports field; and each one in his specialty performs a CHECK-IN and describes his functional situation in each branch; for later (and with him / her) the current situation, the short, medium and long-term objectives, and action plan to reach the marked objectives are defined.

PERFORMANCE Personal training, functional training, functional injury rehabilitation and stress tests

HEALTH Physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, osteopathy, nutrition and sports medicine



  • Dirección Arbolantxa 6
    (Albia area - Abando)
    48001 Bilbao