Restaurante ZubiZuri


Zubizuri Restaurant

Taste and Drink

The Zubizuri Restaurant is located in an incomparable spot, between the Guggenheim Museum and the Town Hall. In front of the Zubi Zuri bridge designed by the Valenciano architect Santiago Calatrava who also directed the renovation of Bilbao’s Airport.

At Zubizuri you will find everything from breakfasts to the best fish and meat along with exquisite seafood. This alongside stuffed peppers, croquets, salads…all excellent quality.

Their entrees are characterized by the use of high quality products as the base for a traditional Basque kitchen with a creative presentation.

The Campo Volantín – the avenue where you find Zubizuri – is a mandatory stroll for tourists staying in the neighborhood’s hotels. (Hotel Conde Duque, Hotel Hesperia Bilbao, Hotel Barceló…) on their pilgrimage to the Guggenheim.

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  • Dirección Paseo de Campo Volantín 23, 48007 Bilbao