Restaurante Yandiola


Yandiola Restaurant

The menú of the Yandiola Restaurant, located in the priviledged and famous cultural centre AzkunaZentroa (La Alhóndiga). Joins tradition and avant-guard. Classic flavours with a touch of innovation.

They also have menús for different occasions: The Menú Gastronómico Km. O (Ricardo Perez and the rest of the kitchen team will develop a menu based on the criteria of the Km. O, made out of 11 dishes). The Menú Yandiola (a short menu, with a snack and 4 dishes, everything made with local products) and Menús for groups.

The Yandiola Restaurant is a reference in the new Bilbao, an innovative city in constant evolution. With tradition and innovation mixed together, their culinary food is inspired in the past, but looking forward to the future with a lot of creativity.

Basque cuisine based in local products, tradition and innovation, very creative, with a personal touch.

In this restaurant they go for an authentic product like the base for a healthy and good quality diet.

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  • Dirección Plaza Arriquibar 4. 48010 Bilbao