*The photographs sent by the restaurant are from photographers Alejandro Bergado y Andres Varney

Origen Restaurant

Latin-Asian Kitchen

Bilbao opens a new restaurant, the eldest brother of restaurant Milagros from Barrika. The perfect combination of flavours and the most exotic dishes.

Origen restaurant, located in front of the entrance of Zubiarte Shopping Mall, is a two floor space in which the decoration talks out loud. It is based in the 4 elements: Earth (vertical garden), Air (fabrics in the ceiling), Fire ( the center of the tables) and Water (water curtains). Loads of green that will instantly transport you to the food of other countries.

An original mix that offers distinguished dishes like: vegan ramen, wild rice, foie makis, fish, tataki, meats… a little bit of everything.

The latin cuisine mixes with the asian one without any kind of problems, contributing with amazing unique touches that will make your senses dream.

Breakfast and food at the bar

In origen they have their menu, a fixed menu, a sushimania menu as well as a bar menu with small dishes like vegetable tortillas, totopos, gildas, mejillones al vapor with salsa tximitxurri thai…

Moreover, you can have delicious breakfast bowls of 100% organic acai and flavoured smoothies.


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  • Dirección Lehendakari Leizaola 7,
    48011 Bilbao
    (in front of Zubiarte)