Minimil is a Basque women’s fashion brand

Minimil Bilbao

Minimil Bilbao is located in Alameda de Recalde Street, number 25.

Is a Basque, women’s fashion brand, with a timeless style: simple and elegant, inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga’s designs.

Their 40-year trajectory represents the New Basque Style.

A concept based in authenticity and quality that showcases our origins, language, scenery, craftsmanship…

in short: our culture.

10 years ago Minimil opened their doors in Bilbao on one of the city’s central streets.

Even more, this prestigious fashion brand has locations in other cities such as San Sebastian, Vitoria, and Valencia.

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  • Dirección Alameda Recalde, 25
    48009 Bilbao