Marketing for Lemons


Not one, not even two, but three wedding planners!! Inés, Tania aren’t your conventional wedding planners: their training in event marketing and production make their weddings unique and personal. To do that, they meet with the couple as many times as necessary, they draw and paste all of their creative ideas on a board, visit to the spaces and important venues for the wedding, and check the options with the couples to finally turn the couple’s dream into reality on their wedding day.

Because, for Marketing for Lemons, being a wedding planner is not just decorating, it’s living each wedding as if it were their own. Sharing each moment with the couple, being their accomplices in the surprises, and a shoulder on which they can lean, and three friends with whom they can share their secrets and nerves.

For those couples who wish that their big day becomes a special day; for those who do not want to worry about anything; for those who don’t want just a wedding but want THEIR wedding; for all of you: Keep calm and call the Lemons!