Maribel Dilló


Maribel Dilló

Maribel Dilló She has spent her life designing and creating for the loyal clients of her brand Dilló. She is an artisan of houte couture. This is how Maribel Vadillo, the principal author, describes this project.

“It has always been clear to me that my calling is as a creator of works of art to be worn because I love the exclusive and the beautiful. I adore creating and I’m passionate about fine and natural fabrics. I love to look for the best fabrics right in the spot where they’re made, wherever in the world that might be, for my clients.

I have to confess that I have a weakness for silks and Chantilly linens and I love to play with the fabrics’ volume. My predilection for the handcrafted always pushes me to look for each client’s essence and personality when they come into the studio. I am inspired by different artistic expressions in addition to each woman’s personality.”

The Dilló brand is one of exclusivity and haute couture detail and artistry. We are dedicated to translating into real time the essence of each and every bride, in the dress that we create for the big day, and including each and every detail that she needs. For over 20 years this has been our defining goal and biggest excitement and we give it all of our care, attention, dedication and work. We also design for the mother of the bride and other guests for the big day. And it is the little Dilló treasures that make the difference, explore our accessories, each designed and created in our studio.

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