Le Bol Blanc


Le Bol Blanc Restaurant

Contemporary, modern and minimalist Basque Restaurant. Perfect for romantic dinners and business meals.

Le Bol Blanc is located in the elegant and contemporary NH Collection Villa de Bilbao, known as one of the best hotels in the city.

You can enjoy Le Bol Blanc and enter the facilities both from the street and from the reception of the hotel NH Collection Villa de Bilbao. And remember that you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel in order to visit the restaurant!

Le Bol Blanc offers a relaxed and quiet ambience, with a mix of traditional and avant-garde decoration, where you can try a wide variety of typical Basque dishes full of vegetables and creams.

The local specialties include fresh fish, like cod and turbot, served with pieces of bacon.

Their kitchen includes authentic flavours with the best quality products, carefully prepared by their chefs.

Don’t forget to try their amazing desserts, with delicious chocolats, fruits and iced creams.

The hotel is famous for their brunch. It is healthy and organic and includes exquisite fruit, bakery and local specialties, a lot without gluten.

You can also enjoy their hot dishes, cooked by their experienced chefs.

Le Bol Blanc Restaurantis one of the favourite of the area. It is also well known for their wine selection.


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