La Viña de Henao


Henao Street is the axis of a bar and restaurant zone where Viña de Henao‘s light shines brilliantly. A family restaurant run by Abelardo, Feli and their daughters, Agurtzane and Kistine who run the bar and kitchen of their establishment like no one else can.

In the bar or at the tables you can taste appetizers like their extraordinary tomato salad, anchovies, prawns, clams, octopus, or seasonal selections like oysters and fresh cuttlefish….  For the main dish you can always enjoy the very best hake, squid in its own ink, cod a la pil pil or the typical Basque dish Piperade, grilled monkfish, large chops, or pork tripe, feet and snouts made in the traditional Basque style. That is to say, homemade, timeless cooking and a unique secret: prime, high quality ingredients.

You should know, however, that the truly attractive quality of this Bilbao bar “for a lifetime” is the people who run it: Feli, Abelardo and their collaborators receive, attend, they call you by name, and they do everything so that you feel right at home.  Believe it when we say it, they really do achieve it.


  • Dirección 27 Henao Street
    48009 Bilbao