La Ribera Gastro-plaza


La Ribera Gastro-plaza

All of Bilbao’s enchantment under one roof

The entire city is reflected in their market.

The market at La Ribera is one of Bilbao’s icons. Since 1929 it is the biggest covered market in Europe. And it is the second most-visited building the city, a close second after the Guggenheim.

This gastronomic plaza, this transatlantic drydock by the architect Ispizua, this neurological center of the city, offers the distinguished Bilbainos and all of the visitors who come 10 new gastronomic stations to enjoy shopping, eating and drinking

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Casa Loren

Casa Loren specializes in traditional Cantabrian fare featuring legume stews and seafood recipes. They are known for freshlycaught fish and other premium products from the northern coast of Spain. They also serve excellent chargrilled fish and all kinds of other fresh-from-the-sea produce.

Huevos y tortillas

You’ll find fried, scrambled and poached eggs, all kinds of omelets, baked potatoes, and chips served with homemade sauces, etc. They also serve fruit juices, coffee, and afternoon tea.

Me tienes frit@

Me Tienes Frit@ specializes in fried food in general, featuring local recipes, dishes made with tempura and other batters, and the fried dishes typical of the south of Spain. They also boast a wide range of croquettes, fried snacks, and other local dishes.

La Bodeguilla

‘Gilda’ specialists. This updated Bilbao stalwart now serves 30 different types of ‘gilda’ – a sort of pickle canapé that features pickled green peppers, anchovies and olives – and one type of ‘grillo’, a pintxo made with lettuce, onion, potato, oil and salt. If you want an authentic Bilbao experience, drop in at aperitif time.

Vermuteria, Cockteleria by Bacardi Martini

Vermutería, Cocktelería by Bacardi Martini is a retail space for the brand’s vermouths and cocktails. Specialists in cocktails, long drinks, vermouths, aperitifs, and soda siphon recipes, which can be enjoyed with plates of periwinkles, crab, shrimp, prawns, oysters, marinated salmon, sushi, caviar, and other shellfish, etc..

Enoteca by Cvne

Enoteca by CVNE is a wine bar and retailer where customers can sample and buy premium wine by the bottle, to take away or enjoy on the premises. They also sell and serve gourmet tinned seafood and vegetable produce.Customers can also sample and purchase a wide range of cheese.

Txerri Duck

Txerri Duck is a gourmet retail space that showcases the select “Joselito” and “ Chateau de Canard” brands of Iberian ham and French duck produce, serving cold-cuts of cured meat and pan-frying fresh cuts. Prime pork, beef, and duck from the best producers in Spain and France.

Divina Hamburguesa

Comer Entre Panes sells all kinds of bread and bread-based snacks. You’ll find a wide range of different breads, filled rolls, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and other snacks that feature bread as the main ingredient. Dig in!


Pastirroz specializes in gourmet rice and pasta products, stock and fumets, oil, saffron, and sauces etc. Mediterranean-style cuisine with a long list of home-made pizzas, fresh pasta and rice dishes.


At Arambarri, beer drinkers will find a wide range of international beers.With over 50 brands from all over the world and 8 on tap, there’s something for everyone. World beers in good company.

  • Dirección La Ribera Food Market
    Ribera Street, no number.
    48002 Bilbao