What is Konpartitu?

Konpartitu is a club which gather together friends that are connected with a culture, music and artistic creation passion.

Every week they propose activities with discounts and they give priority to their associates.

Their proposal

Experiences created by Konpartitu: their private concerts, studies, workshops, readers clubs, artists meeting, CD presentations, streaming concerts…

Experiences created by others: they take place in different locations of Bilbao as the Guggenheim Museum, the Fundición, The Euskalduna Theatre, the Sala BBK…

Their trips

They love travelling and learning from others, meeting people who loves music from other countries and cultures.

Konpartitu organizes each season three music trips over Europe and three different festivals in Spain.

If you are interested in Konpartitu, contact them 608 91 54 67 or by mail info@konpartitu.com

  • Dirección Pedro Eguillor Square, 2
    (access by Elcano street)
    48008 Bilbao