Kiehl’s has boutiques in some of the most important cities in the world such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, London, Hamburg, Milan, Sydney, Dubai, Madrid, and Barcelona, amongst others.

In 2010 the brand landed in Bilbao, with a corner in the Corte Ingles, and in 2013 they opened a boutique in the city’s most bustling shopping district, on Rodriguez Arias 27, at the corner of Ercilla Street.

Kiehl’s is a unisex brand with an extensive line of facial, body, and hair treatments and products.

Kiehl’s is committed to maintaining the founding family’s standards, loyally passed down from generation to generation.

Begin by reserving an appointment

At each of the Kiehl’s boutiques their CSR (Client Services Representatives) takes the time necessary for treating each individual client’s needs.

When you visit a Kiehl’s boutique or counter in any part of the world, you can expect to receive a personalized consultation regarding skin and hair care and which products would be appropriate for you.

This personalized service is extended through an exclusive program where you, the client, are invited to try the product before purchasing it.

In this fashion, you can assure yourself of the product’s effectiveness as well as its compatibility with your own skin or hair, all before you decide to purchase.

  • Dirección Rodriguez Arias 27,
    48009 Bilbao

    El Corte Ingles
    Gran Via 7-9
    48001 Bilbao