Hunky Dory


Hunky Dory, where sharing is an experience.

Hunky Dory, located in Indautxu, in Campuzano square and “hidden” between Florida and Gildatoki emulates the mythical Speakeasies of the era of Dry Law in the USA, and where to enter you must be of legal age.

This period inspired in its careful decoration, where the materials being the protagonists, revive the origin of the LOFTS of the 50s in New York, but without winking at the classic cocktail bars.


To Share Or Not To Share. That’s The BITE!

In your Food Menu and within the section, “To Share” we can find some Starters to share that remind us of different cultures and that open the way to its Hunky Burgers where meat 100% of Carranza beef is its protagonist, and its Sun & Wishes, a range of Gourmet Sandwiches inspired by different beaches in the world.


Cocktails & … More!

In Hunky Dory you can find the Cocktail Menu, “Cocktails With Style”, which pays tribute to what was the bar where they learned what they are passionate about today.

The Menu contains Classic Cocktails with a personal touch and other follies of its own. And last but not least a collection of Special Combinations and Gintonics recommended by the House.


  • Dirección Rodríguez Arias Street, 28
    48011 Bilbao