GYROTONIC® Studio Jado Bilbao


GYROTONIC® Studio Jado Bilbao

In the middle of Bilbao, the GYROTONIC® STUDIO JADO, is a place where you could find every equipment and machinery in the whole market to work with the GYROTONIC EXPANSIÓN SYSTEM® method.

In GYROTONIC® STUDIO JADO we help you to maintain, train a good physic condition and gain a good mind-body balance.

Centre in Bilbao specialized in GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a system which incorporates the principles of dance, tai chi, yoga, swimming and gimnastic. The two branches are GYROTONIC® (work with machines) and GYROKINESIS®, the method essence (work without machines).

The GYROTONIC® exercises are made by measurely designed machines, meanwhile the GYROKINESIS® exercises are made in a chair and in the floor. The sequence exercises are composed of circular and spiral movements, that flows together without interruptions. They are rhythmic repetitions with the pertinent breathing patterns. Each movement flows into the next one, which allows that the joints move through a natural range without pressure or compression. These carefully elaborated sequences produce in our body balance, agility, strength and flexibility.


  • Dirección 18 Ercilla street – 2nd left.
    48009 Bilbao