Globartist – Balloons decoration for events

Globartist creates dreams with balloons and makes decorations with great visual impact.

They decorate whichever place for every kind of customers. Their designs are always different and personalized.

The ballon decoration is perfect for every kind of events. Companies demand it more and more for catching their objective public attention. Balloons are a focal important point, for support marketing tools, like advertising campaigns, exhibitions, decorate business outdoors, shop windows, product release and promotions.

The balloons decoration has a lot of applications, which reach clients attention. Also, they are perfect for filling open spaces as theatres, tents, stages or fairs.

In Globartist they are specialist in making your event a unique act. From the most elegant and minimalist one, to the most fun and coordinated compositions.

Globartist makes personalized decorations creating dreams and magic with a great visual impact, decorating every space for every type of event, for every customers, because, as they say, “there is always a balloon for every occasion”.

All their decorations are made with every little detail and care. Their balloons are special and they are made 100% natural latex and biodegradable, they don’t contaminate the environment, their process of deterioration is like an oak leaf, even much quicker if there is a hot temperature.

In Globartist you will find the best balloon decorations perfect for your events. They have more than 60 different colours, fom the most vibrating ones to the more simple ones…

They also have a specialized shop in balloon-bouquets. Take a look at

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  • Dirección 13 Gordoniz Street
    48010 Bilbao