Gelati Gelati


Gelati Gelati

Gelati Gelati traditional ice cream parlour

Gino and Diego Guglielmi are italians, from Verona, the Romeo and Juliet city. In 2004 they opened their first ice cream parlour in Santutxu for making with love the best traditional ice creams, with the italian tradition, but putting on them a basque touch.

“We are steadily advocate of the local product, in a natural and ecological way. We work with local supplier, and defensor oficial of the quality and nearby product”.

They have their own bakery located in Maruri-Jatabe and from there, they serve to their own shops Gelati Gelati, to hotel industries and other point of sales.


More than 200 flavours, which one do you like the most?

In all these years, they have elaborated more than 200 ice cream flavours. From the most traditional ones to the most crazy ones. And their biggest satisfaction is to make their clients happy with the product they sell.

They have vegan and ecological ice cream certificated by ENEEK. Traditional ice cream where the important thing is the product. Their fruit sorbet are 7% fruit and 30% sugar. Find out their Idazabal ice cream, butter bread roll, avocado, grapefruit, oreo, donuts, sesame, La Salve beer ice cream, barnacle sorbet and much more.

In their shops they are rotating the ice cream flavour every day to make you able to discover all of their products.

Much more than Ice creams

You can find in Gelati Gelati shops: Traditional pizzas, calzone, focaccia, roman pinsa, to taste in their local or wherever you want.

Other products like milkshakes, smoothies, pastries, italian and ecological coffees.

And their last news, cold press juices, could you imagine enjoying a juice with ecological fruits and vegetables to your own way?

Gelati Gelati for events

For your events and special moments they offer you their food trucks. They are three specialized in ice cream, crepes, pizzas and natural juices.

They adapt to your necessities, contact them by email


  • Dirección Calle Lersundi 19, Bilbao
    Tel. 94 607 55 05

    Casco Viejo – Bilbao
    C/ Sombrerería 14.
    Tel: 94 415 16 24

    Santutxu – Bilbao
    C/Marques Laurecin s/n.
    Tel: 944 71 97 29

    C/Elordugoitia 3.
    Tel: 94 685 21 55

    Bº Erdigoien 69 (piscinas Maruri)
    Tel 94 617 83 07

    Uribarri kalea 1
    Tel. 946 07 21 38

    Barrio Goieta 42. 48112
    Tel. 620 624 208