Fnac Bilbao all the technological and cultural products

Fnac is the first technical and cultural distributor in Europe, and is a unique example of a commercial/cultural alliance. Created in France in 1954, Fnac has establishments in six countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, and Brazil).

Their arrival in Spain in December, 1993 began in Madrid and Fnac is now a reference throughout the country as much for programming as for cultural consumerism. They offer their clients the best information to help them in their selection from books to music to movies to video games, as well as television, sound, computers, photography, telephones, children’s interests…you can find all of the technological and cultural products at Fnac Bilbao.

Fnac’s Forums reflect their dedication to promotion of all things cultural. Movie screenings, book presentations, concerts, debates, workshops…The cultural life of the country and world has a place in the Forums, from the latest trends to the most traditional and classic, from renowned authors to young, new talent.

  • Dirección Alameda Urquijo, 4
    48008 Bilbao